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ABRI Priorities for EV Battery Stewardship – BSC/FCAI/MTAA consultation

ABRI Priorities for EV Battery Stewardship – BSC/FCAI/MTAA consultation

ABRI will continue its work with all stakeholders to support 100% recycling of EV batteries in Australia and the growth of the local battery recycling industry.

ABRI has been advocating for the following industry priorities: 

  • Information sharing and data on battery chemistry and disassembly to support safe and sustainable recycling, reuse and repurposing. 
  • State based strategic planning for collection and aggregation sites to minimise transport costs and support safe collection. 
  • Streamlined planning and environmental approvals for collection and aggregation sites. 
  • Funding for proof of concept testing to ensure recyclers are ready at scale and to manage financial uncertainty at the early stages of industry development as volumes are not yet commercial. 
  • Consistent safe storage, handling and transport guidance for collection, aggregation and recycling sites across Australia 
  • Development of robust standards and a consumer protection framework to support safe battery repurposing. 
  • Funding for research to develop solutions to partial processing of used EV batteries on a smaller scale to reduce costs in transporting batteries from remote and regional areas. 
  • Review of hazardous waste import permit fees to support the building of domestic capacity as a South Pacific hub. 


BSC-FCAI-MTAA EV Stewardship Discussion Paper


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