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Handheld battery regulations in the US

In 2014 battery industry associations in the United States developed a model bill that would mandate collection and recycling of consumer batteries. The model bill will be adapted to meet the needs of individual states.
In their April newsletter Battery Council International (BCI) provided a report on draft regulations introduced for the 2015 legislative sessions in Connecticut, California, Texas and New York:
Connecticut HB 6957 covers primary batteries weighing not more than 2kg
New York S. 4522 would amend the state’s current rechargeable battery law to establish a battery stewardship program for primary batteries
Texas HB 3153 covers primary batteries weighing not more than 2kg and rechargeable batteries weighing not more than 5kg
California AB 1159 would require separate product stewardship pilot projects for collection of sharps and collection and recycling of ‘household batteries’.