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Handheld batteries again listed on the Government priority list

The Australian Government has published its priority list of products to be considered for accreditation or regulation under the Product Stewardship Act.
The priority list for 2014-15 is almost the same as the previous year’s list:
– Waste architectural and decorative paint
– End-of-life batteries
– Packaging (and subsets of packaging, such as consumer packaging and beverage packaging)
– End-of-life air conditioners with small gas charges
– End-of-life refrigerators with small gas charges.
Note: The 2013-2014 list included ‘End-of-life batteries less than 2kg’. Consideration of possible product stewardship approaches by the Battery Implementation Working Group has expanded the scope to ‘End-of-life batteries less than 5kg’ and this class of products is listed for 2014-2015.