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Safety guidelines for battery recycling

ABRI has received a grant from Sustainability Victoria to prepare a risk assessment and guidelines for the safe collection, storage and transport of used handheld batteries.
The aim of the guidelines is to provide stakeholders involved in battery recycling with information on good practices, i.e. practices that protect the environment; protect the health and safety of employees, contractors and the general public; comply with workplace health and safety, hazardous waste and dangerous goods regulations; and minimise the administrative and financial impact on consumers and industry.
Entech Environmental Services has been appointed by ABRI to undertake this work. The first stage of the project will be an overall risk assessment for each stage of the recovery chain for used handheld batteries: collection, storage and transport. This risk assessment will be provided free of charge to ABRI members.
The other outcome of the project will be a series of brief safety guidelines for different stakeholders in the recovery chain. These will cover:
1. Battery recycling in the home
2. Battery recycling in offices
3. Battery recycling in retail stores, libraries, schools and other public facilities
4. Battery storage by local councils and recyclers
5. Transporting mixed batteries from collection to aggregation points
6. A summary of current legislation and practices relating to storage and transpor tof lithium batteries.
The project is expected to be completed in March 2013. For further information contact Helen Lewis on or Ph: 0419 010 158.