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Research on lead acid battery use, disposal and recycling in Australia

Planet Ark has released new research on the lead acid battery recycling behaviour of Australians.  The research involved a survey of 1000 people online about their use, disposal and recycling of lead acid batteries. The types of batteries covered by the survey were:

  • sealed lead acid batteries, which are used in a number of applications such as emergency lighting, security alarms, portable tools and consumer electronics 
  • automotive batteries used for starting, lighting and ignition.

According to research undertaken in 2010 by the Australian Battery Recycling Initiative (ABRI), Australian households purchase more than 7.6 million or 86,000 tonnes of lead acid batteries each year, and dispose of more than 6.2 million of 92,000 tonnes of them. 
Planet Ark asked people how they disposed of their used lead acid batteries. The answers varied according to the battery type, for example 25% of home alarm batteries are placed in the household garbage bin, compared to 2% of car batteries.
When asked about their preferred system for recycling lead acid batteries, 43% suggested a council-provided community recycling bin that you take the battery to; 28% preferred drop off locations in shops or businesses, and 21% would like collection from home a few times a year.
The full report on the research can be downloaded here.