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Program announced for the Stewardship Summit, Melbourne, 18 November

ABRI is supporting the Global Product Stewardship Council’s (GlobalPSC) Priority Product Stewardship Summit, which will be held on 18 November in Melbourne. Program details are available here.
The keynote speakers include:
• Carl Smith, CEO and President, Call2Recycle (North America)
• Corinne Faure-Rochu, Director Business Development, Recupyl (France)
• Alison Keane, Vice President Government Affairs, American Coatings Association
• Mark Kurschner, President, Product Care Association (North America).
Panel sessions will include these speakers and other product-specific experts on batteries, paint and other products from the USA and Australia.
ABRI member TES-AMM is sponsoring the event by bringing Corinne Faure-Rochu to Australia to participate in the summit. Corinne is Director Business Development at Recupyl, a company that recycles alkaline, zinc carbon and lithium ion batteries. Carl Smith from Call2Recycle will share some of the lessons from their extensive product stewardship program for handheld batteries in North America.
Attendance is free for GlobalPSC members but registration is necessary for catering. Registrations are $299 plus GST for non-members of the GlobalPSC. Event details, registration and payment information are available here.