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Launch of code of practice for chemicals

The National Code of Practice for Chemicals of Security Concern, which the Attorney-General launched on 25 July, contains practical tips for businesses to assess and prevent chemical security risks. The Code was developed by the Australian Government in conjunction with law enforcement agencies and industry representatives to assist companies and individuals to manage chemicals of security concern. ABRI is a member of the National Industry Reference Group for this initiative.
The development of the Code followed the release of the Report on the control of chemicals of concern in 2008, which identified ninety six chemicals of concern. These are chemicals that are commonly used for legitimate purposes but have also been used by terrorist organisations. The list includes sulphuric acid, which is the electrolyte in lead acid automotive and industrial batteries.
In early 2013 the Attorney-General’s Department undertook a risk assessment of the waste disposal, resource recovery and recycling sector. The aim was to evaluate the vulnerability of businesses in the supply chain, i.e. the ease with which a usable quantity of a chemical of concern could be diverted. Some lead acid battery collectors and recyclers were evaluated as part of this process.
The Code of Practice can be downloaded from the government website.