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Innovative technology for alkaline battery recycling

A patented fine grinding technology is being used as part of an innovative new research project in the UK designed to extract and recycle metals from portable battery waste. The ReCharge project is being managed by the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) to develop an economically viable means of extracting and reusing valuable metal concentrates from discarded batteries.
As part of the scheme, specialist fine grinding technology developed by International Innovative Technologies Ltd. (IIT) is being used to reduce the ‘black mass’ solid inner core of alkaline batteries into a powder form. After reducing the black mass to a powder, the material is then suitable for treatment by different chemical and biological processes to extract the various metallic ions present, including zinc, carbon and manganese.
Engineering advances made by IIT have enabled the development of specialist powder processing technology that replaces traditional milling systems with compact, high output, modular units. The new vertical milling system is highly energy efficient and is therefore particularly suited to the fine grinding of hard and abrasive materials.
Under CPI’s project management, the consortium of companies involved in the ReCharge research programme also includes G&P Batteries and Augean plc.
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