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Batteries promoted during Recycling Week

During National Recycling Week (11th – 17th November) Planet Ark is promoting battery recycling as one of seven ‘recycling revolutions’ over the past 25 years.
Planet Ark has put together a report titled Recycling Revolution – A snapshot of the major revolutions in recycling in the past 25 years. The report examines the drivers and results of changes in recycling in seven key areas including: e-waste; household packaging; mobile phones and printer cartridges; batteries; workplaces; soft plastics; and food. Each section ends with a call to action to join the revolution.
Some of the battery initiatives highlighted in the report include:
– the launch of ALDI’s Activ Energy Battery Recycling Program in 2012
– Battery World’s Community Recycling Program for domestic and commercial batteries
– Century Yuasa Battery’s used lead acid battery recycling program
– the launch of the Australian Battery Recycling Initiative (ABRI).
The full report can be downloaded here. Summaries of the seven recycling revolutions can also be found on the Recycling Week website.