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Batteries on the government priority list

The Australian Government has released its 2013-14 ‘priority list’ of products that will be considered for coverage under the Product Stewardship Act. The list includes:
– end of life handheld batteries (weighing less than 2kg)
– waste architectural and decorative paints
– packaging
– end of life air conditioners with small gas charges
– end of life refrigerators with small gas charges.
According to the Government this list serves two purposes. Firstly, it provides certainty to the community and business about what is being considered for coverage under the Act. Secondly, the Act requires any future mandatory or co-regulatory approach to be preceded by 12 months notice before a particular product can have such a regulatory approach applied.
ABRI supports the inclusion of handheld batteries on the list, and will work closely with government and industry stakeholders over the next 12 months to consider voluntary and regulatory options for a national recycling program. This process will be led by officials from the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection on behalf of all jurisdictions.
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