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ALDI launches a new supermarket battery recycling scheme

ALDI launched its new Activ Energy Battery Recycling Program on 17 October in collaboration with ABRI member Planet Ark. Battery collection bins are available at the front of every ALDI store in Australia, for common household batteries including AA, AAA, C, D and 9V.
A 2010 Pollinate study commissioned by Planet Ark found that 98 percent of Australians said they would recycle their household batteries if it was easy to do so. Australia’s current recovery rate of household batteries is around 5 percent.
ABRI congratulates ALDI  on becoming the first Australian grocery retailer to launch a battery recycling initiative accross its store network. It is a commendable initiative that demonstrates ALDI’s commitment to product stewardship and corporate social responsibility.
The program will greatly expand the number of free drop-off locations for Australian consumers, building on existing services provided by ABRI member Battery World and many local councils.
More information is available from